shihaibin,yangshuqing,liruiping,et al.内蒙古河套灌区水盐运动与盐渍化防治研究展望[J].灌溉排水学报,0,():-.
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史海滨, 杨树青, 李瑞平, 李仙岳, 李为萍, 闫建文, 苗庆丰, 李桢
关键词:  河套灌区;盐渍化防治;盐碱地改良;生态环境;水盐运移规律
Prospect of research on water and salt movement and salinization control in Hetao irrigation district, Inner Mongolia
shihaibin, yangshuqing, liruiping, lixianyue, liweiping, yanjianwen, miaoqingfeng, lizhen
Inner Mongolia agriculture university
Hetao Irrigation Area is an important agricultural large-scale production, commodity grain and oil base in China. The amount of water diverted from Yellow River to the irrigation area is decreasing year by year and the planting structure, water and salt distribution and ecological environment have changed greatly. In the construction of the modern irrigation area, there were many new problems, which were needed theoretical support to explore their mechanism. In this paper, research results were summarized in the recent 20 years, including: the spatial and temporal distribution characteristics of soil water and salt, soil water and salt transport, the research of farmland crop effect under brackish water irrigation, the improvement of saline alkali land and soil structure, the study of soil water and salt transport during the freeze-thaw condition and autumn irrigation system. Based on the ecological security of irrigation area, we should pay attention to the research of soil water and salt transport, saline alkali land improvement based on various methods and the application of modern technology in the future.
Key words:  Hetao irrigation district; salinization control; Saline alkali land improvement; ecological environment; water and salt transport