Xing Yumei,Wan Yunting,Liu Yanlong,et al.宛氏拟青霉提取物对淹水胁迫下玉米叶片叶绿素荧光动力学参数的影响[J].灌溉排水学报,0,():-.
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邢玉美, 万云婷, 刘延龙, 王鹏飞, 范震, 赵有欣, 田晓飞
【目的】探究叶面喷施新型生物刺激素-宛氏拟青霉提取物(PVE)对解除淹水胁迫后玉米幼苗生长的恢复效果和叶片快速叶绿素荧光诱导动力学特性的影响,探明其提高玉米幼苗对淹水胁迫适应能力的光合生理机制。【方法】通过人工模拟淹水胁迫环境,研究不同程度淹水胁迫后叶面喷施清水和PVE对玉米幼苗生长和叶片快速叶绿素荧光诱导动力学曲线(OJIP)的影响。【结果】淹水胁迫显著抑制了玉米幼苗生长,降低了叶片的净光合速率。长期淹水胁迫(≥4 d)导致玉米幼苗叶片OJIP曲线发生明显变化,增加了在O相处的初始荧光强度(Fo),但降低了叶片I相(30 ms)和P相(最大荧光)荧光值。与正常水分处理相比,淹水胁迫减少了单位面积内反应中心的数量(RC/CSm),抑制了QA向QB的传递过程和电子传递能力(Ψo 和 δRo)。与叶面喷施清水处理相比,解除短期淹水胁迫(≤2 d)后叶面喷施PVE缓解了单位叶面积吸收(ABS/CSm)、捕获(TRo/CSm)和传递(ETo/CSm)的光能的降低,使叶片维持相对较高的单位叶面积热耗散能力(DIo/CSm),降低了激发能的产生,减少过剩激发能机理对PSⅡ反应中心的伤害,但长期淹水胁迫(>4 d)下,叶面喷施PVE并不能完全消除淹水胁迫对叶片光合特性和OJIP曲线的影响。【结论】叶面喷施PVE能够增强玉米幼苗抵御短期淹水胁迫的能力,有助于解除淹水胁迫后的迅速恢复生长。
关键词:  玉米;淹水胁迫;宛氏拟青霉提取物;快速叶绿素荧光诱导动力学曲线
分类号:S641. 3
Effects of extracts from Paecilomyces variotii on the chlorophyll fluorescence transient in leaves of maize under waterlogging stress
Xing Yumei, Wan Yunting, Liu Yanlong, Wang Pengfei, Fan Zhen, Zhao Youxin, Tian Xiaofei
School of Environment and Planning, Liaocheng University
Abstract:【Background】Flooding is a great challeng in all life stages of maize growth, especially during the seedlings initial development. The crude extract of the endophyte Paecilomyces variotii, a new type of biostimulant, has function of promoting plant growth and enhancing waterlogging stress resistance and is widely used in China. We extracted and testified named as extracts from Paecilomyces variotii (PVE), from the endophytic fungus in wild sea buckthorn. PVE functions as an elicitor not only protecting crops from pathogens but also promoting crop growth. However, the mechanism of PVE in enhancing the tolerance of maize under waterlogging stress is still unclear. Therefore, a laboratory simulation test was conducted to investigate the changes of chlorophyll fluorescence transient curve (OJIP) of maize seeding under waterlogging stress.【Objective】The objective is to investigate the effects of PVE in enhancing waterlogging tolerance of maize.【Method】The results indicated that waterlogging limited the normal growth of maize and reduced the net photosynthetic rate (Pn). Meanwhile, waterlogging tolerance also changed the OJIP curve by reduced the active reaction center per unit area and mitigated the ability of electronic transmission from QA to QB (Ψo and δRo). In addition, PVE alleviated the waterlogging-induced decrease of specific energy fluxes per unit area for absorption (AB/CSm), trapping (TRo/CSm), and electron transport (ETo/CSm), and maintained relatively high heat dissipation capacity (DIo/CSm).【Conclusion】Topdressing of PVE enhanced the waterlogging stress tolerance of maize, and helpful for its quick recover after short-term flooding.
Key words:  maize, waterlogging;stress, extracts;from Paecilomyces;variotii, chlorophyll;fluorescence transient