Wang Hang,Zhou Qing-yun,zhangbaozhong,et al.不同灌水处理下滨海盐碱地土壤-玉米阳离子变化规律及相关关系研究[J].灌溉排水学报,0,():-.
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王航1, 周青云1, 张宝忠2, 尹林萍3
【目的】探讨不同灌水处理下滨海盐碱地土壤-玉米系统阳离子变化规律及相关关系。【方法】采用田间试验研究滨海盐碱地不同滴灌方式对根系层土壤K+、Ca2+、Na+和作物体内K+/Na+的影响,共设计4个处理,每个处理3次重复,分别为灌水定额10 mm常规滴灌处理(LI10)、灌水定额20 mm常规滴灌处理(LI20)、灌水定额10 mm膜下滴灌处理(FI10)、灌水定额20 mm膜下滴灌处理(FI20)。分别建立作物K+/Na+、Ca2+和根系层土壤K+、Ca2+、Na+的回归模型。【结果】灌水后膜下滴灌处理土壤Na+相对量降幅远大于常规滴灌处理;膜下滴灌较大灌水量处理全生育期茎中K+/Na+均较大,生育前期膜下滴灌处理叶片K+/Na+均较大;常规滴灌处理相对膜下滴灌处理根系层土壤K+/Na+和Ca2+质量分数均对根系K+/Na+的影响较大;常规滴灌和膜下滴灌处理根系层土壤Ca2+的增大通过抑制根系层土壤K+/Na+的增大从而抑制根系K+/Na+的增大。【结论】在滨海盐碱地使用滴灌技术可以有效改善土壤和玉米体内阳离子分布,其中膜下滴灌相比常规滴灌技术更有利于提高玉米抗盐碱性。
关键词:  滨海盐碱地;滴灌方式;土壤阳离子;玉米阳离子;回归模型
Study on the Change Laws and Correlation under Different Irrigation Treatments on Soil-Maize in Coastal Saline Alkaline Land
Wang Hang1, Zhou Qing-yun1, zhangbaozhong2, yinlinping3
1.Tianjin Agricultural University;2.State Key Laboratory of Simulation and Regulation of Water Cycle in River Basin, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research;3.College of Water Conservancy Engineering, Tianjin Agricultural University
【Background and objective】Salinity is an important abiotic environmental stress that threatens agricultural productivity around the world. The farmland soil in the coastal area has been affected by sea water and highly salinized groundwater for a long time, and the soil salinization is serious, which has become the main factor restricting the sustainable development of agriculture in the region. In order to explore the change law and correlation between the soil and corn cations in coastal saline-alkali soil under different irrigation treatments. 【Method】For the purpose of different irrigation treatments, the composition of cations in coastal saline-alkali soil-maize and their correlations, studying the relationship between K+, Ca2+ and Na+ in the root layer soil and crops under different irrigation treatments in coastal saline-alkali land and establishing the mathematical relationship between them can provide a certain theoretical basis for the management of coastal saline-alkali land. Field experiments were used to study the effects of different drip irrigation methods in coastal saline-alkali soils on K+, Ca2+, Na+ in the root layer soil and K+/Na+ in crops. A total of 4 treatments were designed, each treatment was repeated 3 times, namely conventional drip irrigation treatment (LI10) with an irrigation quota of 10 mm and an irrigation quota of 20 mm for conventional drip irrigation. Treatment (LI20), drip irrigation under the mulch with an irrigation quota of 10 mm (FI10), and drip irrigation under the mulch with an irrigation quota of 20 mm (FI20), and the regression models of K+/Na+, Ca2+ and root layer soil K+, Ca2+, Na+ were established respectively. 【Result】The drop of the relative content of Na+ in the soil under the drip irrigation treatment is much greater than that of the conventional drip irrigation treatment after irrigation. Under the mulch drip irrigation with a larger irrigation amount, the K+/Na+ in the stems during the whole growth period are all larger, and the leaves under the mulch drip irrigation in the early stage of growth are larger in K+/Na+. The K+/Na+ and Ca2+ concentrations in the root layer soil of the conventional drip irrigation treatment have a greater impact on the root K+/Na+ compared with the drip irrigation treatment under the mulch; The increase of Ca2+ in the root layer soil by conventional drip irrigation and drip irrigation under mulch can inhibit the increase of root K+/Na+ by inhibiting the increase of root layer soil K+/Na+.【Conclusion】 The use of drip irrigation technology in coastal saline-alkali land can effectively improve the distribution of cations in the soil and corn. Among them, drip irrigation under mulch is more conducive to improving the salt and alkali resistance of corn than conventional drip irrigation.
Key words:  coastal saline soil; drip irrigation method; soil cation; corn cation; regression model