CUI Hongyan,ZHANG Endian,WANG Zhipeng,et al.基于云模型改进“3标度”AHP-物元理论的不良地质农田灌溉渠道施工风险评价[J].灌溉排水学报,2022,(12):-.
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崔宏艳1, 张恩典1, 王志鹏2, 李清富2
1.河南省赵口引黄灌区二期工程建设管理局 开封;2.郑州大学水利科学与工程学院 郑州
关键词:  “3标度”;云化AHP;云化物元;农田灌溉渠道;采空区;采砂区;风险评价
Improved "3-scale" AHP-matter-element theory based on cloud model for construction risk assessment of farmland irrigation canals in poor geology
CUI Hongyan1, ZHANG Endian1, WANG Zhipeng2, LI Qingfu2
1.Construction Administration of The Second Phase Project of Zhaokou Irrigation District of The Yellow River In Henan Province;2.School of Water Conservancy Engineering,Zhengzhou University
[Objective] In order to alleviate the shortage of land resources in post-harvest land reconstruction water conservancy projects, this paper evaluates the risk level of the feasibility of rebuilding farmland irrigation channels with poor geological conditions. [Method] A total of 13 evaluation indicators including goaf risk, external risk, sand mining area risk and channel internal risk were screened, and a cloud model was proposed to improve the "3-scale" AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process)- Traditional matter-element risk assessment method. [Results] Result 1,for the final evaluation result, according to the weight, the risk of the goaf and sand mining area should be focused, while for the risk of the goaf, the stop time of the mining area and the risk of the sand mining area should be focused on. The distance between the sand mining area and the slope of the channel needs to be considered; Result 2, from the one-way factor risk assessment situation, the impact of the buried depth of the goaf and the cohesive force of the local foundation soil needs to be considered. It is necessary to deal with and prevent relevant risk factors before construction, and after taking corresponding measures, carry out channel construction under the premise of ensuring safety. [Conclusion] The example application shows that, compared with the methods in the relevant literature, the evaluation results of this article are more objective, accurate, and have better applicability, and play an important role in guiding the construction of farmland irrigation canals under adverse geological conditions.
Key words:  "3-scale"; cloud-based AHP; cloud-based matter–elements; farmland irrigation canal; goaf area; sand mining area; risk assessment