SUN Qinglei,LI Shuning.莱芜城区水系生态保护发展策略研究[J].灌溉排水学报,,():-.
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1.山东农业大学 勘察设计研究院;2.山东农业大学 水利土木工程学院
关键词:  莱芜;城市水系;生态保护;格局;策略
Study on The Development Strategy and Ecological Protection of Urban Water System in Laiwu City Planning Area
SUN Qinglei1, LI Shuning2
1.Survey and Design Institute,Shandong Agricultura University;2.College of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering,Shandong Agricultural University
In order to solve the outstanding problems of the urban river (Lake) network in Laiwu. For example: water shortage, water surface reduction, poor water quality, low flood control standards, small density of river (Lake) network, poor river connectivity, Weak riparian restriction,poor landscape, etc. Utilizing advanced water conservancy concepts and technologies at home and abroad, Combined with the current layout of "One Corridor, One Core and Three Belts", urban positioning and historical culture, Six measures will be taken to promote the development of Laiwu city across the Dawen River, including water diversion, Connected river and Lake, widening the water surface, sewage treatment, raising the flood control standards, and Construction of water-friendly facilities. Forming a network pattern of "one corridor, one core, ten belts and seventeen nodes". After the implementation of the project, the spatial pattern of Laiwu Watertown can be activated. The urban river (Lake) network will become " wider, fuller, flows faster, clearer, more beautiful and Easier to get close to The city by the river
Key words:  Laiwu; Urban river (Lake) network; Ecological protection; Pattern; strategy