ZENG Jianguo,LI Tingliang,WEN Tao,et al.叶面喷施锰对春小麦生长及锰吸收转移的影响[J].灌溉排水学报,2017,36(9):.
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曾建国, 李廷亮, 文 涛, 王伟华, 左玉环, 李 佳
山西农业大学 资源环境学院, 山西 太谷 030801
为了解决平衡施肥中基施锰肥有效性偏低的问题,采用盆栽试验,研究了小麦不同生育期喷施不同质量浓度锰肥对部分生理指标、小麦产量以及锰的吸收转移规律的影响,为生产高产优质小麦提供理论依据。结果表明,春小麦孕穗期至灌浆期叶面喷施质量浓度为0.2%~0.5%的MnSO4溶液可不同程度提高旗叶中POD、CAT活性以及叶绿素的质量分数;在孕穗期叶面喷施质量浓度为0.05%~0.2%的MnSO4可显著提高小麦穗粒数和千粒质量,进而提高小麦产量,且提高幅度随喷施质量浓度增加而增加;叶面喷施锰肥能提高小麦各器官的锰的质量分数,且随所施MnSO4质量浓度的增加而增加,小麦体内锰分布规律为:叶>颖壳>根>籽粒>茎,其中拔节期叶面喷施外源锰主要向小麦根系转移,孕穗期和灌浆期叶面喷施外源锰主要向颖壳转移,籽粒中锰的质量分数在41.8~81.1 mg/kg。综合考虑叶面喷施锰肥对小麦的生理指标、产量及锰吸收转移的作用效果,建议在春小麦孕穗期喷施质量浓度为0.2%的MnSO4。
关键词:  叶面喷施; 锰肥; 春小麦; 产量; 锰吸收转移
Impact of Spraying Manganese Fertilizer on Leaf on Growth, Absorption and Transfer of Manganese in Spring Wheat
ZENG Jianguo, LI Tingliang, WEN Tao, WANG Weihua, ZUO Yuhuan, LI Jia
College of Resources and Environment, Shanxi Agricultural University, Taigu 030801, China
The use efficiency of manganese is very low when applied as base fertilizer in calcareous soil. Using pot experiments, this paper investigated the efficacy of spraying MnSO4 at different concentrations on the leaf of spring wheat at different growth stages in improving its physiological traits, yield, as well as absorption and transfer of the manganese. The results showed that leaf-spraying MnSO4 solution at 0.2% to 0.5% concentration from jointing stage to filling stage increased the activities of peroxidase and catalase, as well as the content of chlorophyll. Leaf-spraying MnSO4 solution at 0.05% to 0.2% concentration at booting stage significantly improved the grains per spike and 1000-grain weight. Also, leaf-surface spraying improvedthe yield and the manganese content in different organs. With the increase in MnSO4 concentration, the distribution of manganese in the plant organs was in the order of leaf>glume>root>seed>stem. The manganese sprayed at the jointing stage was transferred mainly to the roots, while thoses prayed atbooting and filling stages were transferred to the glume and the content of manganese in the grain varied from 41.8 to 81.1 mg/kg. Considering improvement in physiological traits, yield and manganese absorption and transfer, spraying MnSO4 with 0.2% concentration at the booting stage is effective for improving yield and grain quality.
Key words:  spraying manganese fertilizer; spring wheat; physiological index; yield; absorption and transfer of manganese