LI Huiying,GUAN Guanghua,SU Haiwang,et al.串联渠系多渠池蓄量平衡控制模式研究[J].灌溉排水学报,0,():-.
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李慧滢1, 管光华1, 苏海旺2, 桑国庆3
【目的】解决渠道控制中以单个渠段蓄量为控制对象时,存在调蓄容量有限、相邻渠池间的蓄量变化无法相互调节的问题。【方法】本文提出一种等下游水深的多渠池蓄量平衡运行方式,并建立了基于蓄量变化的闸门目标流量计算方法,文章采用南水北调东线济平干渠为工程背景进行建模仿真验证。【结果】结果表明:多渠池蓄量平衡模式下,对蓄量差乘以一定权重系数能有效降低闸门流量超调、缩短稳定时间;在正常运行工况下,该算法较常规下游常水位控制模式对渠首水库造成的调蓄压力更小,各无量纲性能指标整体较优,系统稳定时间最大缩短10 h;考虑流量变化较大的工况时,针对济平干渠渠池长度差异将近十倍的现状,发现增设节制闸减小单渠池长度后,该算法整体稳定时间进一步减小,各无量纲性能指标均不同程度提高。【结论】多渠池蓄量控制优于单个渠池蓄量控制,此算法为多渠池蓄量控制的进一步研究奠定基础。
关键词:  渠系控制;运行方式;控制蓄量;变目标水深;南水北调东线济平干渠段
Study on the control mode of storage balance of multi channel pool in series channel system
LI Huiying1, GUAN Guanghua1, SU Haiwang2, sangguoqing3
1.State Key Laboratory Of Water Resources And Hydropower Engineering Science,Wuhan University;2.China Water Resources Beifang Investigation,Design and Research Co Ltd;3.University of JINAN,School of Water Conservancy and Environment
Open channel water transfer is a widely used water transfer method in domestic and international water transfer projects and irrigation projects. Realizing the automatic control of the canal system of the water transfer project is an effective measure to solve the problems of intelligent management, optimize water distribution, flexible water supply and respond to emergency situations. The traditional channel automatic control system generally chooses water level, flow or single channel pool storage as the control object. The channel operation control system is based on the channel water level, flow and other information, and controls the channel gates according to certain control logic to achieve the purpose of controlling the state of the canal, the choice of its operation mode has a significant impact on the control effect. The existing operation modes include constant upstream water level and downstream water level, the equal volume method and controlled volume method. The controlled volume method of canal is the most flexible, and can quickly respond to the changes. However, in the current research, the application of the control volume method mainly uses the volume of a single channel section as the control object, the storage capacity is limited, and the changes in the reserves among adjacent channels cannot complement each other. 【Objective】The objective is addressing the problems of limited storage capacity and the inability to adjust the changes in the storage capacity between adjacent canals when the storage capacity of a single canal section is used as the control object in channel control.【Method】This paper proposes a balanced operation mode of multi channel pool storage capacity with equal downstream water depth, and establishes a calculation method of gate target flow based on the change of storage capacity, which not only ensures the total storage capacity of the channel at all times unchanged, but also requires that the downstream target water depth of each channel pool is consistent, easy to implement and has better robustness.The paper uses the Jiping Main Canal on the east route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project as the engineering background for modeling and simulation verification.【Result】The results show that: in the multi-canal pool storage balance mode, multiplying the storage difference by a certain weight coefficient can effectively reduce the gate flow overshoot and shorten the stabilization time; Under normal operating conditions, the algorithm has less regulation pressure on the canal head reservoir than the conventional downstream constant water level control mode, and each dimensionless performance index is better overall, and the system stabilization time is shortened by up to 10 hours; Considering the working conditions with large flow changes, in view of the current situation of the Jiping main canal pool length difference of nearly ten times, it is found that after adding a control gate to reduce the length of a single canal pool, the overall stabilization time of the algorithm is further reduced, and each dimensionless performance index Both are improved to varying degrees.【Conclusion】The multi channel pool storage control is better than the single channel pool storage control. This algorithm lays the foundation for the further study of multi channel pool storage control.
Key words:  Canal control; Operation mode; Water volume control; Variable control water depth; The Jiping canal of the east route of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project